Which Glasses Frames Will Suit My Face Shape?

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For anyone looking for a new pair of glasses or eyewear, this is a vital question! There are around six different face shapes that most people fall into, and each one provides the framework for the aesthetics of your face. Do you have a broad forehead and narrow cheeks, or wide cheekbones and an angular brow? These features make all the difference when trying to find eyewear that suits you! The six basic face shapes are square, round, oval, triangular, diamond, and heart shape. Let’s take a look below at what kind of frames are best suited to each face shape:


The square face shape is one of the easiest to style for. With a square face, you’ll have a wide forehead, with cheekbones and a jawline of roughly equal width. Opt for rounder glasses to soften the angles of your face, and a thin frame that won’t be too imposing.


With a round face you’ll have smoother features and a less angular jawline, with cheekbones slightly wider than your forehead and jaw. In opposite fashion to the square face, your ideal frames will be rectangular with sharp angles to contrast your softer characteristics.


An oval face is one of the most flexible in terms of eyewear. An oval face has softer cheekbones than a square face, but more angular jawline and forehead than a circular face. Oversized frames can work well, especially rounded-corner square frames to match the balance of your face.


A triangular face has a wide jawline and a narrow forehead. Glasses with a bold upper frame and a subtle lower frame, like a classic cat eye style, is the best option. Ensure that upper line follows your brow line, and aim to have the frames slightly wider than your jaw.


The diamond face shape has wider cheekbones with narrower forehead and jaw, similar to an oval shape but far more angular. Curvy frames are best to balance out the sharp angles, so try out some round and oval shapes.


Heart shaped faces are quite unique, with a wide brow and narrow jawline, but very high cheek bones. Heart shapes can also vary the most, so if you have quite angular features a more rounded frame works better, and vice versa. A classic Wayfarer frame, with straight brow line but rounded lower frames, can be ideal.

No matter what your face shape is, I have the perfect frames for you! At The Eyewear Stylist I specialist in stocking and supplying the best designer glasses Manchester has to offer, with bespoke advice and consultation on the best shape, size, and materials lenses to suit your unique face. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.