Acrylic Eyewear

Yes there is a difference between: plastic, acetate and acrylic. "But what is it?" I hear you ask...

Well, mass produced plastic is generally one of the least environmentally friendly materials to make glasses out of, and it's not to say that acetate or acrylic are perfect either, however there are certain differences, and reasons why glasses are made out of different materials such as these, with acetate being the most common material used to make top quality eyewear in the optics industry.

However there is something unique about acrylic. It is super lightweight (About a third of the weight of a standard acetate frame). It is super durable, and has a very high melting point, so does not lose it's shape easily at all (one of the main flaws with basic plastic frames). And something that really stands out is the vibrancy of the colours that can be achieved with this beautiful material, they are absolutely stunning.

With colour being hot on trend right now, I just had to introduce these to my clients at The Eyewear Stylist in MediaCityUK, Manchester. It's no surprise they have been flying out with their bold and brave, fearlessly unique look and feel.

Styling Celebrities in Acrylic Eyewear

I pride myself on styling my clients in eyewear that's just right for them. I also love to push the boundaries and be fashion forward with my style choices if the situation allows.

When I was asked to style Radio One DJ Dean McCullough in eyewear for Attitude magazine, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to push the envelope with my styling abilities.

We opted for a Matte acrylic frame with metal bridge to really push the boundaries of modern eyewear fashion, and set the trend for pioneering eyewear design from British eyewear designer Jason Kirk.

I was really happy with how the shoot turned out and thankfully, so were the magazine! 
BBC Radio One DJ Dean McCullough styled by The Eyewear Stylist for Attitude Magazine.
Acrylic Eyewear Model for The Eyewear Stylist in MediaCityUK, Manchester

Styling Models in Acrylic Eyewear

After meeting stunning model Sade Quinn on a photoshoot in Manchester, she asked if I could style her in eyewear for some of her shots. 

I opted for this beautiful lime green acrylic frame to go with her flamboyant green dress.

The way the top of the frame follows her browline her just hits different!

I'm definitely noticing a trend of acrylic eyewear for my younger more fashion forward clientelle, and it's no surprise with results like this.

Being able to support a British eyewear designer and British models like this just makes it feel all the better.

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