Glasses Styling Tips for People With Ginger Hair

Glasses For People with Ginger Hair

Choosing the right pair of glasses as a redhead woman or man can be an overwhelming experience. With so many glasses styles and colours, you want the perfect pair that serves its purpose while making you feel confident in your appearance.

You could spend most of your time trying on all different frames and not get the best colour of glasses for your ginger hair.

Reading this post, you will understand what glasses suit your hair type and also how the wrong pair can actually have a negative impact in how you look, both draining your colouring and taking away from your best facial features.

For the purposes of making things as simple as possible for you, I've also recorded a video with even more eyewear styling tips for people with ginger hair below.

What Glasses Suit Women with Ginger Hair?

While it’s possible to think that you may have an olive tanned skin tone, the likelihood is that your skin tone is more pale and freckled.

I mention this because skin tone plays a huge role in what colours are likely to compliment you, probably more than hair colour does.

Due to this, I always recommend getting a colour analysis done if you haven’t already had one. It might sound old school, but there is a lot of logic behind getting a structured colour analysis done. Once you've had one done, you will discover what doesn’t work for you as much as what colours of glasses will suit you and elevate your look.

For instance, when looking at tortoise-shell frames, some will be more orangey, while others could be lighter, darker, or more khaki in tone. Whilst these may sound like subtle differences, they can greatly impact how we are perceived.
Glasses for women with red hair.jpeg

Glasses for a Redhead Woman

The wrong colours will drain us, and we’ll notice dark circles around the eyes more obviously. Our skin tone can look more patchy, and everything’s generally a bit down. However, with the right colours, our jawline looks stronger, skin tone more consistent, and we generally look far more full of life.

This is why getting a colour analysis before choosing a pair of glasses is essential.

So whilst some personal stylists will use this for clothes and others will opt for an alternative approach, I recommend this process at The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester because the closer things are to our face, the more impact the colour choice has on our complexion.

Glasses for women with ginger hair.jpeg

What Glasses Suit Men with Ginger Hair?

When it comes to men with red hair, there will obviously be a lot of crossovers as to ginger-haired women. However, there are slight differences in the shape of the frame.

Bear in mind that though you can never blanketly say what will 100% suit every single person of a particular colouring or gender, there are however certain styles and shapes that are far more likely to work for you than others.

The main difference between what styles of eyewear will suit men compared to women is noticeable based on the topline of the frame. Frames with a flatter topline will look more masculine because gents tend to have flatter browlines than women, and it tends to complement you and look more natural when the top of the frame follows your browline.
Glasses for men with red hair.jpeg

Glasses for Men with Ginger Hair

Going against your browline with the topline of the frame can look incongruent. This style of frame choice is for the rule breakers! The extroverts! The “I’m wearing this bold frame, and I want you to know it!” people.

Frames that follow your browline are far more likely to complement you and offer the tailored, natural look you're after. 

Remember warmer colours are more likely to suit than cooler colours and avoiding going to heavy in the frame is going to allow us to see your face and look more natural than when we go too chunky and dark with the frame selection.

Glasses for men with ginger hair.jpeg

Best Colour of Glasses for Ginger Hair 

I imagine if you're reading this, you’re looking for guidelines on what would suit you rather than rule-breaker suggestions. So, here are some tips for what styles of glasses or glasses frames tend to suit men with ginger hair:

  • Spring/Autumn colours (pending skin tone)
  • Frames with a flatter topline
  • Greens and tortoise-shell colours offer a natural look.
What styles to avoid if you’re a man with ginger hair looking for a natural look:

  • Black frames are generally too dark, heavy, and overpower ginger-haired people who more often than not, have paler skin tones.
  • Anything too pale may wash you out and age you.
  • Wearing frames with an arched browline rather than frames which have very sharp and flat toplines to them.
Ginger Hair Eyewear Styling Tips.png

Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses

The main difference between frames is how they sit on your nose. Some have nose-pads, some will have a key-hole bridge, and some have a “fixed bridge”. With nose-pads, you can be a little freer with your selection as you have the adjustability, but with a fixed bridge, it’s like choosing a pair of shoes; you have to choose the right size!

Look for no gaps between your nose and the frame’s bridge for the perfect fit. The frame will perch too much on the top because there is too much gap on the sides. Also, if there’s too much gap above the nose towards the bridge, the frame will rub on the sides. Getting this fit right is important if you want a comfortable frame going forward, as no adjustment is possible on a fixed bridge frame.

How to get the Right Glasses that Suit your Ginger Hair 

So in a modern world of what I call “zoomwear”, where people may only see us from the shoulders up, having the right pair of glasses for ginger hair has never been more important for first impressions and personal branding.

Now, without performing a structured colour analysis, I can’t tell you precisely what season of colours will definitely work for you. I can only guess that warmer tones could complement you.

In terms of materials, an earthy wood would look lovely and really natural. For coloured acetates, and greens, you can try them when you’re out shopping or try a few shades of the same colour t-shirt on, and notice which ones make you feel happiest and full of life, and which are more draining and not doing anything for you. Try a cooler, icier yellow and a darker, more mustard yellow; it’ll give you an insight into where to take things.

Regarding shapes, what will compliment you most comes down to your face shape AND your personality.

What I would suggest is, if you’re looking to go understated, avoid going too heavy and dark in the colour of the frame. Especially with a paler skin tone, the darker the frame is, the more contrast there will be against your skin, and therefore, the bolder it will be. For the frame to be as natural and understated as possible, go for a frame with some translucence and a bit of warmth. (Too translucent will wash you out and drain you!)

If you want to go bold, I will veer on the brown side rather than the black or grey, which may be too heavy, cold, and overpowering. khakis can sit well too - Green always pops well against ginger hair.

Wrap Up

No matter your hair colour, outfit or shoe you try to match with your pair of glasses, getting styled by a professional is guaranteed to make you the happiest and most comfortable.

To get started, book a session with The Eyewear Stylist today!

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