Frequently Asked Questions

As The Eyewear Stylist experience is different to anything you'll have experienced anywhere in the past, I understand that it's inevitable you'll have questions about the process, the pricing and how everything works.

So here are some of the most frequently asked questions, and my answers to help inform you about what to expect at The Eyewear Stylist, the first Eyewear Styling Consultancy of it's kind in the world:

How long does a typical Eyewear Styling session last?

Your initial appointment lasts approximately 90 minutes from start to finish. This is typically a longer appointment than your future appointments as this is where we build your perfect eyewear plan together through expert techniques.

This appointment includes:
- Complimentary drinks
- Colour Analysis
- Face Shape Analysis
- Personality profiling
- Preference profiling
- Bespoke Frame advice
- Bespoke Lens advice

Future appointments can be as short as 30 minutes, due to us knowing each other so much better, knowing your colour profile, personality, prescription requirements and knowing your preferences in advance, to be able to prepare options ahead of your future visits. This makes future visits even more enjoyable and tailored to you.

How much does an Eyewear Styling session cost?

The Styling Fee for your initial appointment is currently £99 and this fee is redeemable against any eyewear chosen at the appointment.

So essentially, whilst this offer lasts, all this expert advice and experience comes free with your eyewear!

What are the prices of the eyewear?

Eyewear is the combination of frames and lenses, so to answer this question accurately, we need to seperate the two.

(You can find more information about how to judge value for money to make it easier to judge pricing with glasses here.)

Ready to wear: £150 to £495
Made to measure: £595
Bespoke precious metals: £17,000+ (pending material type, size, weight and complexity of design.)

Prescription lenses start from £150 and range upwards from there.
(All lenses come with top of the range coatings and best in class optics, with a minimum warranty of 1 year pending lens design.)

Do you offer Sight Tests?

The Eyewear Stylist does not currently offer Eye Examinations, as I feel this area of the Optical experience is already well covered by local independent and high street opticians across the country.

The Eyewear Stylist is focused on making the process of selecting your perfect eyewear as enjoyable, stress-free and tailored to you as possible. (The Sight Test bit is the bland bit in my opinion!)

So simply contact me once your Sight Test has been completed and bring a copy of your prescription with you to the appointment.

If you would like a recommendation for Opticians in the local area that I work with who can perform a fantastic sight test for you, please simply drop me an email at: info@TheEyewearStylist.co.uk

What does an Eyewear Styling Session include?

The main USP of The Eyewear Stylist is getting expert style advice. This process takes time and expertise to do correctly and has been refined over years and years of working in the industry.

Your appointment includes: Complimentary locally sourced refreshments, Colour Analysis, Face Shape Analysis, Personality profiling, Preference profiling, Bespoke Frame advice, Bespoke Lens advice and a truly unforgettable experience!

How long does it take for my Eyewear to arrive from point of order?

Eyewear can take anything from the same day to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of your order.

In order to answer this question accurately we need to separate out frames and lenses.

Ready to wear: Same day
Ready to wear (colour alternative): up to 2 weeks
Made to measure: 6 to 8 weeks
Bespoke precious metals: up to 12 weeks

Non-prescription: Same day
Prescription: 1 to 3 weeks (pending lens type.)

Can I get my Eyewear Styling session done online?

Whilst currently all Eyewear Styling sessions are required to be performed in person, there may be opportunities for parts of the bespoke service to be offered to clients online in advice form only in the future.

It is a firm belief at The Eyewear Stylist that the most successful eyewear stylings are completed in person, for the ultimate eyewear experience. (Imagine me guessing your shoe size.. it could be right, but how much more likely would it be perfect if I could measure you up in person?)

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! At The Eyewear Stylist it's all about finding the most convenient ways for you to own your perfect eyewear pieces.

The Eyewear Stylist requires a minimum deposit of 50% for any order to be placed, the remainder can be spread over a Direct Debit of your own preferred duration up to a maximum of 6 months.

Alternatively, the payment can be split into 3 via Klarna payment options, which can be discussed at the appointment if preferable.

Do you provide eyewear for children?

Unfortunately at this stage The Eyewear Stylist does not cater for small children, however teens and above may find some very exciting options not normally found at your high street opticians.

Do you accept NHS Voucher contributions?

The Eyewear Stylist is a private entity and so does not involve itself in NHS work currently.

Can I claim the cost of my glasses back through work or my insurance?

If your eyewear is deemed specific to work, then of course, for example eyewear that focuses on your computer screen.

The Eyewear Stylist is happy to provide invoices and receipts upon your request, and you may use these for your own purposes to reclaim any funds necessary towards the glasses from either your employer or insurance provider.

Can you travel to provide Eyewear Styling sessions outside of the studio in Manchester?

Of course! You may benefit from the ultimate convenience and privacy of a luxury home visit.

Luxury Home Visits from The Eyewear Stylist are priced at £500 + travel expenses.

Can you ship glasses to countries outside of the UK?

At The Eyewear Stylist, anything is possible. Remember however that The Eyewear Stylist is a concierge styling service, and not designed as an e-commerce website for frames. You may find suitable alternatives for this style of retail service.

What is your returns policy?

All eyewear is guaranteed by manufacturer warranties ranging from 1 to 2 years.

All varifocals come with a 30 day non-tolerance policy.

Any returns are treated on a case by case basis, with the fullest of integrity, and quite fortunately rarely occur due to the level of detail explored in the process and the standards held by manufacturers associated with The Eyewear Stylist.

A gentle reminder that accidental damage is not covered, and it is recommended by The Eyewear Stylist that you add your eyewear to your Contents Insurance Policy for this reason, so that you are covered in the case of loss or damage.

What is a Colour Analysis, and why is it important?

Colour Analysis is a scientific personal styling technique used to work out your range of your most flattering colours, using coloured drapes, to promote the most youthful and radiant looking skin possible for your complexion.

The closer colours sit relative to your face, the bigger the impact the colour has on your complexion, and so with eyewear sitting on your face, getting the right colour could never be more important!

It is the belief of The Eyewear Stylist that wearing the right colours can completely transform your personal appearance and personal brand, hence the reason a thorough Colour Analysis has become a complimentary, fundamental and enjoyable part of The Eyewear Stylist experience. 

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