Sustainable Glasses

Sustainability is a hot topic in the world at the moment and especially in the fashion industry. In the Eyewear World, it is no different, and change is much needed if we're going to keep up with the times and have a positive impact on our environment now and in the future.

The Optical Industry is not exactly known for it's sustainable credentials. You only have to look at how much plastic is used and overused in the manufacturing process. Everything from plastic frames to plastic lenses, and quite often not even receyckable plastic either.

So when I discovered this range of bespoke wooden glasses with impeccable ethical and sustainable credentials, I just had to introduce them to my clients at The Eyewear Stylist in MediaCityUK, Manchester. But just to be sure of no "green washing", I made sure that I interviewed the founder of this wonderful range, Stefano Minelli, at the Great British Eyewear Show in Manchester in 2022.

Are these glasses actually sustainable?

I know this can sound a funny question, but there is a lot of "green washing" in our industry, so I always make sure I ask all the right questions before feeling confident enough to take on a new range at The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester.

You could assume that this company cuts down any old tree to make these glasses, with no consideration for the environment. However this is far from the case!

Each frame is made from 13 layers of balsa wood, which is used due to the fact that it grows very quickly and doesn't require much water to grow either, improving it's sustainable credentials.

All wood is ethically sourced via the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) in Italy, to make sure that all of the wood is sustainably farmed. So you can feel confident that these glasses are truly sustainable, as much as they can be.
Wooden Glasses and Sustainable Eyewear made from ethically sourced wood at The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester

What else makes these glasses sustainable?

Apart from the obvious sustainable principles pertaining to these wooden glasses, one of the most exciting and unique aspects to this range of eyewear is the level of personalisation and customisation available.

Personal Branding lovers, get ready to meet your new favourite eyewear range!

Each frame is made from 13 layers of balsa wood, with you being able to choose the colour of every individual layer. Yes, you heard right! You can have complete creative control over the design of these glasses. The fact that these glasses are made to order, is not just exciting because they are completely bespoke glasses, but they are completely environmentally friendly as there is very little waste as a result.

You can swap your mass produced plastic frames for custom, sustainable, bespoke glasses, just for you.

And.. trees have been around for a while... so they should last a heck of a lot longer too! (You can simply change your lenses into them in the future, which reduces your cost-per-wear!)

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