Why Do I Need Anti-Ageing Glasses?

Aside from the cosmetic benefits (which are of course important), it’s crucial to remember that prolonged or excessive unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays can significantly affect the health of our eyes and cause degenerative disease later in life. 
The eye area is particularly sensitive – and it’s a place where wrinkles and sagging of the skin can be found more readily than other areas of our body and face in many cases. It’s hard to protect this area with sunscreen, too. The moment you get sunscreen that close to your eyes and begin to sweat in any way, it can easily slip into the tear film and cause stinging. So using a protective lens is a far simpler and more relaxing solution.

Exposure to UV light over the course of our lives ends up in certain conditions like cataracts developing, which causes clouding of the eye and vision impairment. The treatment for this in severe cases is to have the lens replaced in your eye – which is much more common than you’d think. In fact, it’s one of the most common surgeries performed in modern medicine here in the UK.

These surgeries do tend to be most prevalent in older people – as we’re living longer, we will inevitably be exposed to so much UV outside throughout our lifetimes. But if people aren’t protecting their eyes, they are going to develop this kind of condition faster and at a younger age.

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We’ve all been there – leaving the sunscreen at home on a cloudy day only to find ourselves burned to a crisp later. It’s very much the same concept when it comes to our eyes – few people would consider wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day, and that’s where this revolutionary technology comes in.

On top of this, it’s important to be mindful of how prevalent IR light is. UV is generally only a concern when you're outside - but due to its high-frequency wavelength, infrared is pretty much everywhere, even when you’re inside. This is why even people who have spent much of their lives indoors experience the cosmetic impact of ageing.

The good news is that you can protect against it - whether you have a prescription or not. Most people are wandering around without glasses or sunglasses which offer protection from the sun’s rays, allowing UV and IR to get through to back of the eye exposing to the elements all the time. Realising that there is still a lot of UV out there, especially in summer months (regardless of our perception of whether sun is ‘out’ or not) is key, ensuring we’re being mindful of eye health as well as the aesthetic impact of unprotected sun exposure.

So this is the other very important advantage of anti-ageing lenses – the undeniable benefits for eye health with no effort or thought required by the wearer.

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