No Reflection Lenses

In today's technologically advanced world, we spend much of our time on camera! This is a nightmare for glasses wearers, who are inundated with reflections, glare, and obscured eyes in every framed photo, profile picture selfie, or Zoom meeting! 

What Are No Reflection Lenses?

Even if you're not a film star or a TikTok personality, the average person still takes photos with their friends or family, snaps selfies to post on social media, or uses video chat services to attend work meetings or catch up with friends.

Enter the no reflection glasses! These lenses are fitted with a special no reflection coating designed to reflect as little light as scientifically possible, to leave you with crystal clear eyes in photographs and film, whether you're streaming your favourite game, doing a segment on the local news, or simply snapping holiday shots to update your followers!

Uses For No Reflection Lenses

If you spend time in front of the business end of a camera, no reflection glasses can help! Reduce glare and reflection from glasses during filming.

Video chats
Video calling services are all the rage in today's world, both for work and entertainment! Whether you're having a job interview on Zoom, attending a meeting while working from home, or just catching up with friends, no reflection lenses will remove those irritating and distracting flashes, leaving you able to engage worry-free.

Snapping selfies, holiday shots, and family photos with glasses all yield the same issues! How is best to position and angle yourself to reduce reflections? Can you see my eyes, or just a reflection of the sky? No reflection lenses will help you take the perfect shot without needing to think about your glasses at all!

Facts About No Reflection Lenses

• New for 2022
• Recently launched in Japan
• The best anti-reflection lenses on the market today
• Coating reduces both reflectance and relative luminous efficacy
• Lenses offer ultra-low reflections with crystal clear vision
• Ultra water repellent and easy to clean
• Ultra scratch resistant and highly durable
• Anti-static to attract less dust

Check out my video on no reflection lenses where I show the stark difference between classic lenses and this new revolutionary no reflection coating!

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