Sneaker Matching Sunglasses

Sneaker lovers, your prayers have been answered! If you love matching the colours of your outfit with sneakers being a key component, then this sneaker matching sunglasses service is perfect for you.
The Eyewear Stylist is now offering a bespoke sunglasses service where you can bring in your favourite sneakers and have sunglasses custom made to match them in their exact colours. Whether it's your Nike Dunks, your Air Jordans or even your Balanciaga sneakers, The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester has you covered!

What's even better is that it's sustainable too! With each sunglass frame being made to order, there is zero waste in the process, and each frame is made from sustainable materials.
Nike Air Jordan Custom Glasses to match
Wood & Metal
Sneaker Matching Sunglasses Service at The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester
Total Wood
Orange and Black Nike Air Jordans with matching Eyewear from The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester, UK
Total Metal

Sneaker Matching Eyewear

Of course it wouldn't be The Eyewear Stylist if prescription eyewear options weren't available too!

You can also have this custom sneaker matching service applied to your prescription glasses. Simply bring along a copy of your prescription with you to the appointment and let The Eyewear Stylist sort the rest!

Whether you have a low prescription, or a high prescription, The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester caters to all of your prescription needs, as well as offering bespoke lens options not available on the high street, and bespoke lens advice from a Qualified Dispensing Optician and trained Personal Stylist, to ensure you are getting the best customer service possible.

Are they Sustainable Sunglasses?

This is such a brilliant plus point! Yes! As each frame is made to order from ethically sourced wood, there is zero waste. 

So not only are these bespoke sunglasses, individually made by hand to your order... they're completely sustainable too!

I research every aspect of my manufacturers work, and actually visited the factory in November 2022 to inspect the manufacturing process. 

To ensure their sustainable credentials, the factory has the certification from the FSC in Italy that all wood is ethically sourced.
Sustainable Sunglasses available from The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester

What is the process?

Step 1: Pick your sneakers that you'd like to have the sunglasses and/or prescription glasses matched to.

Step 2: If you have a prescription, make sure you get your latest copy of it to bring with you.

Step 3: Book your Sneaker Matching Sunglasses appointment at the Eyewear Styling Studio in Media City, Manchester here.
(Pay deposit of £99 for your appointment, which will go towards the cost of your custom sunglasses/eyewear.)

Step 4: Attend your appointment with The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester and decide on your perfect colour combination. Add custom engravings free of charge.

Step 5: Wait 6 to 8 weeks for your Bespoke Eyewear to be handmade in Italy.

Step 6: Have the sunglasses and/or eyewear delivered to your door.

Step 7: Take a picture and post to the socials with the hashtag #TheEyewearStylist

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