Glasses For People with Grey Hair

First things first, we all go grey, no need to panic!

Whilst some of us rock that George Clooney look, others can be a little self-conscious of the change and wonder if we need to dress any differently now we're entering a different era of our lives.

Never fear! Here's my guide on what glasses suit men with grey hair.. enjoy!

Glasses Styling For Grey Hair

Before we get started, here are two main things to remember:

1. As long as you're wearing the colours within your season, these colours are still going to suit you, even as you get older, even as your hair goes grey, even as those wrinkles develop. As our natural skin and eye colouring doesn't change. (If you haven't had a colour analysis done before, I highly recommend getting one done, as it can really help you to choose a colour with confidence, so that you can invest in colours that truly suit you and make your skin look as youthful and radiant as possible).

2. Whilst the base tone of our skin may not change over time, I do find it can fade slightly, just like your hair. So some darker colours can look bolder against your skin and create more contrast than it used to. Decide if you'd like a bolder or more understated look, as
this will impact which colours of glasses are going to work better for you.

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Don't copy Jeff Goldblum here and wear these glasses if you have grey hair as they will wash you out

Glasses For Men With Grey Hair

Now I personally am of the opinion that eyewear that works with our natural features is far more complementary than anything else.

I recommend focusing more on eyewear that may draw attention to your eyes, than to your hair colour.

Choosing colours of glasses that match your hair colour, especially as it fades, can wash you out. As can rimless frames, particularly as we age.

So I would focus more on your eye colour, and face shape when choosing glasses than I would on your hair colour.

Jeff Goldblum wears glasses here that really suit him and his grey hair. This is a good example of the type of glasses to wear if you have grey hair
Here is an example of Richard Gere wearing glasses that aren't flattering for him and his grey hair. They simply wash him out and age him.

Glasses Frames For Grey Hair

If anything, I feel like as we age and our hair does go grey, that a little bit of colour can lift you, especially when paired with a perfectly styled pair of specs!

As a general rule, going against your brow line won't help bring out the best in your features, so opt for a frame that nicely lines your brow.

Now for the frame colour; this depends on your base skin tone as to whether you would be better suited by warmer or cooler colours, brighter or more muted, lighter or darker.

However, I am one for recommending a touch more colour the older we get, to help us look more radiant and full of life.

John Slattery is wearing glasses here that really suit him and his grey hair. The fuller tone adds depth to his look and does not age him in any way, like a clear frame would.

Best Glasses For Grey Hair

What glasses best suit grey hair?

The best glasses for people with grey hair will depend not just on your hair colour, but more so on your skin tone, eye colour and face shape. Look for frames with a full rim that fall within your season and draw attention to your eye colour. However avoid rimless, semi-rimless or washed out colours as they will simply age you!

Styles to look for: full rim, colours within your season, colours that draw attention to your eye colour.

Styles to avoid: rimless, semi-rimless or washed out colours. 

Wrap Up

No matter your hair colour, outfit or shoe you try to match with your pair of glasses, getting styled by a professional is guaranteed to make you the happiest and most comfortable.

To get started, book a session with The Eyewear Stylist today!

Grey Hair Styling Advice

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