Where Can I Get Anti-Ageing Glasses?

This is still a relatively new development in lens technology – so it’s certainly not going to be available everywhere just yet (and is unlikely to be readily found at your high street optician).

I can certainly source these lenses for you – alongside many other bespoke options as part of my tailored service. The useful thing about me is that I’m not limited to dealing with mass produced lenses and frames – I can source bespoke options for both, depending on your requirements.

How Much Do Anti-Ageing Lenses Cost?

The price point for these lenses is around £350+, not outrageous considering the benefits they provide.

I do have a few words of advice if you’re reading this article and want to enhance the sun protection of your current eyewear, or are due to replace them soon. Part of my job I’m particularly passionate about is educating people on the importance of better understanding what you’re actually getting when you’re purchasing glasses – both lenses and frames. Without key information to reference, it’s impossible to make informed choices that are right for your unique needs.

So - if you’re concerned about anti-ageing want to check how healthy your lenses are, you can ask your optician a number of questions.

How Can I Be Sure I Have The Healthiest Lenses In My Glasses?

Clear glasses lenses all look exactly the same, give or take a little width for the prescription! So it’s incredibly difficult to check yourself whether you have all the best protections in your lenses. In order to ensure that you do, check with your optician by asking them these questions:

1. Do the lenses have UV protection as standard? If not, can it be added? (As above the answer should be yes – and it shouldn’t be costly)

2. Do they have blue light protection - and if so, is it built into the coating or the material (if it’s coated there will be a quite severe flare, but built-in blue light protection is virtually undetectable)

3. Do they have infrared protection i.e. protection against visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and dark circles?

Through these quick questions, you can understand what’s included and what your lenses have to offer in order to determine whether they offer value for money, or the performance you need! Anti-ageing glasses will offer everything you need, all in one simple package!

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