Glasses for Zoom and Facetime

Are your uncoated or standard anti reflection lenses performing well enough in your zoom meetings, or should you opt for No Reflection lenses to help with maintaining eye contact, reducing distracting reflections, and gaining rapport in your work meetings?
If you've noticed one major change during the pandemic, it's surely that most of your in-person meetings have since been held on Zoom. (Or Skype, or Teams.. To be honest I'd never heard of Zoom before the pandemic, or Teams.. anyway, enough side-tracking!)

As glasses now have an increased importance, as they play a huge part in our "Zoomwear" for meetings, glasses are one of our main ways of making a great impression.

Gaining rapport is hard enough over a screen, so when all people can see is the reflections of your lenses and lose all eye contact, it's not ideal. Add a ring light to the equation and it's an absolute nightmare!

These No Reflection lenses available from The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester really do solve this issue. Again, I refer to the video above where you can see the true results of these breakthrough lenses in action.
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Reducing Reflections from your Glasses Lenses

The best way to reduce reflections from the lenses in your glasses is to opt for "No Reflection" lenses from The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester. Alternatively a simple anti-reflection coating will help. Make sure you avoid either uncoated or simple scratch resistant lenses, as these will cause a lot of issues with reflections and reduced clarity through your lenses too.

Best Glasses for Reducing Glare

Lenses to look for: 
No Reflection lenses and Anti-Reflection lenses reduce reflections within the lenses and from the lenses. Polarised sunglasses reduce glare from external sources.

Lenses to avoid: 
Uncoated or basic scratch resistant lenses. For sunglasses avoid standard tints, as they only make things darker and don't reduce glare from external sources.

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