Glasses for the TV & Film Industry

Let's get one thing straight: 

Glasses are a camera crew's nightmare!

You set up all of the cameras, and all of the lighting.. You get it prepared so that it's perfectly set up for when the talent arrives.. and wait.. they're wearing glasses!!!
Shock, horror, disaster! Glasses will reflect the stage lighting back towards the camera, causing distracting flashes of light for the audience while irritatingly blocking the view of the guest’s eyes. Standard glasses lenses are incredibly reflective, and even those with a basic anti-glare coating can still cause huge problems for camera crews and lighting technicians!

So you set up the rig making the assumption that they will have no glasses on, or that they’ll be wearing contact lenses or something.. but no.. they turn up wearing these highly reflective pieces of plastic in front of their eyes.. time to start from scratch.

Or is it?
Normally, glasses are a huge obstacle for camera crews to overcome. Even if the client has a standard anti-reflection coating on the lenses, let alone highly reflective uncoated lenses, the reflections caused by these lenses can be a huge issue.

Enter the "No Reflection" lenses supplied by The Eyewear Stylist in MediaCityUK, Manchester!

Recently invented in Japan, these "No Reflection" lenses remove as much reflection as is physically visible to the human eye from the lenses, and whilst it's impossible to remove 100% of reflections, the effects are dramatic! Watch the video below to learn more..

The Eyewear Stylist does not recommend basic standard scratch resistant lenses as they are neither optically excellent nor cosmetically appealing.

No Reflection Lenses from The Eyewear Stylist offer the maximum reduction in external reflections from spectacle lenses. These special No Reflection lenses are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in front of a camera, whether you do a lot of zoom meetings, film in front of bright lights and screens, or just enjoy taking selfies without having to worry about the angle of the light against your glasses!

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