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My mission is to give you the best eyewear styling experience you’ve ever had and provide bespoke spectacles that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Look good. Feel good. Have fun! Simple.
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The Process

My 4-step process is designed to take you on a journey to discover your perfect eyewear, styling sessions are 60 – 90 minutes and you’ll receive complimentary drinks and chocolate.

The 4 step process

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1: Colour Analysis

This 3-Step Process shows you what colours best suit your skin tone and natural features.

Once we identify whether you suit warm or cool, bright or muted, light or dark colours, we can then work out what season you fall into and what colours will best work for you to lift and elevate how you look and feel. If you’re wearing something in the middle of your face it’s really important that the colour is elevating your aesthetic and does not prove a detriment to it.

This can then open up a whole new wardrobe for you when selecting clothing colours, lipstick shades and make-up options.
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2: Face Shape Analysis

Each face shape will naturally suit a different shape of optical or sunglass frame.

Through years of experience, I am able to expertly guide you through which styles will suit your face shape and natural features.
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3: Bespoke Eyewear

Whether it’s out of wood, acrylic, metal or acetate. I am able to have eyewear custom made for my clients in whatever format they wish.
Manchester based Optician Daniel Scott styles a client in eyewear at his studio in MediaCityUK, Manchester called The Eyewear Stylist.

4: Bespoke Lenses

I work with the top lens suppliers in the world to curate a selection of the most unique lens options for my clients to tackle any situation that their lifestyle might throw at them.

Having lens options beyond what’s available on the high street, including the thinnest lenses in the world, enables me to create incredible finishes on high prescription lenses and offer optical excellence which exceeds expectations both on a visual level and cosmetically too.


Hear how the brilliant James has benefited from the eyewear styling experience:

Styling Guides

Check out our styling guides showcasing styling advice, glasses for specific settings and deep dives into the latest trends.
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