Which Type of Lens Coating is Right for You?

When it comes to lens coatings, it can be a bit of a minefield. You'd be really surprised at how many options there are when it comes to something that you might think would be very simple.

Types of Lens Coatings

When it comes to managing the reflectiveness of your glasses, there are three options of lens coatings you can opt for on your glasses lenses. 

These are:
1. Standard uncoated or hard coated lenses.
2. Anti-reflection coated lenses.
3. No Reflection coated lenses.

The difference between these coatings is stark. For the purpose of today's topic, I'd say these are the main differences:

Standard Uncoated or Hard Coated Lenses

These are the cheapest lenses on the market, and are highly reflective. Uncoated lenses will not have reduced reflectivity at all, and standard hard coating only helps slightly boost scratch resistance.

Anti-Reflection Coated Lenses

These reduce resultant reflections from within the lens. (They are not "anti-glare".. They will not reduce "glare" from external sources.. for this you need polarised sunglasses.) The main quality difference in this market tends to be the strength of the scratch resistance, whether they are water-resistant, dust-resistant etc, and mainly how long a warranty and how good the warranty is on them. Some more expensive anti-reflection coated lenses come with a no quibble 2 year guarantee, even covering scratches. (I supply these at my studio in MediaCity, Manchester as it allows me to give the best customer care should any issues ever arise.)

No Reflection Coated Lenses

These are what I showcase in the video above, and whilst impossible to remove 100% of reflections, all reflections from within the lens and externally are dramatically reduced. Any reflections seen are reflected at a bandwidth of light which is not very noticeable to the human eye. The angle of reflection on these lenses is also quite high, so you would have to adjust your head position quite a lot to even see the reflection. These incredible No Reflection lenses are intelligently designed, newly invented, and now stocked at The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester!
The Eyewear Stylist does not recommend basic standard scratch resistant lenses as they are neither optically excellent nor cosmetically appealing.
Anti-Reflection lenses are okay, and can differ in quality. Different coatings will have different blooms, and whilst reflections are reduced from within the lens, some reflections are still visible externally.
No Reflection Lenses from The Eyewear Stylist offer the maximum reduction in external reflections from spectacle lenses and are perfect for people who do a lot of zoom meetings or filming in front of bright lights and screens.

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