Everything You Need To Know About Zeiss Glasses Lenses in 2023

Zeiss lenses are amongst the best available on the market today! Zeiss glasses lenses are available for a wide variety of specific applications, and the excellence of these luxury lenses is second to none. For quality, clarity, and comfort, Zeiss lenses have you covered at every step. 

But some people have not even heard of Zeiss, so I thought I’d grab Zeiss brand representative Anton for a quick chat at the Great British Eyewear Show in Manchester to pick his brain about the incredible quality of Zeiss lenses! You can check out my interview with Anton in the short video above.

What Is Zeiss?

Carl Zeiss AG, branded simply as Zeiss, is a German company founded over 175 years ago, in 1846, by optician Carl Zeiss. Today Zeiss is a global leader in designing and manufacturing optical solutions ranging from glasses lenses and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera lenses to scientific and medial technology like microscopy, spectroscopy, and optoelectronics. Zeiss technology is so interwoven into our ever day lives, it’s almost impossible to exist in modern society without using or benefitting from Zeiss research or products. Some 79% of the world’s microchips are produced using Zeiss technology, and huge companies like Google and NASA use Zeiss lenses for both domestic and aerospace applications.

What Makes Zeiss Lenses So Special?

All forms of Zeiss optical technologies, from its simplest lens to its most complex microscope, benefit from nearly two centuries of experience, expertise, and industry excellence. Aside from Zeiss lenses being designed to be of the utmost quality, Zeiss have also produced an incredible range of specialist lenses for a bespoke applications, such as:

• Zeiss SmartLife Lenses: to balance the intense eye strains of modern life.
• Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses: to remove harmful blue light.
• Zeiss Digital Lenses: to help reduce overexposure to screens and smart devices.
• Zeiss Progressive Lenses: to provide extra support for near and far-sighted zones.
• Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses: to improve vision while driving.

Where Can I Get Zeiss Lenses?

Right here! If you are looking for what Zeiss lenses Manchester has to offer, then look no further! I can supply Zeiss lenses with any of my frames here at The Eyewear Stylist! If you’re looking for advice or consultation regarding Zeiss lenses, or wish to make an order, book a session with me today.