Hot Spring Eyewear Colour Trends

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Now Fashion Week has come to a close, we can now debrief and see what’s in store for this new season of all things fashion and eyewear.

If you are new to The Eyewear Stylist, hi I’m Dan, and I am a professional eyewear stylist based in the heart of Media City UK in Manchester! I use a unique colour analysis method to decide what colour palettes will complement your skin tone and help you feel good in colours you wouldn’t normally reach for.

As someone who loves bright colours, especially in fashion and eyewear, I was excited to see which colours made the runway. This will help me get an idea of what new frame colours to look out for that I can offer to my customers.

So, let’s jump into the trending colours for this spring and summer!

Lavender Haze
In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “I feel the Lavender Haze creeping up on me”. That’s right we are kicking it off with this stunning shade of purple.
Lavender Haze is described as a soft amethyst purple with muted undertones.
It’s a super chic shade of purple to choose especially if you’re looking for something different with your eyewear frames.

Vivid Rich Red
Looking for a pair of super bold frames this year? Well, you’re in luck because red is a must in fashion this season! It was seen a lot during fashion week so we can definitely incorporate this beautiful rich red shade into eyewear frames.

Viva Magenta
Pantone’s Colour of 2023, Viva Magenta. Another warm colour to the mix, this is a truly beautiful shade that will look stunning when created into eyewear frames. It is a bold and empowering shade that will radiate beauty and confidence.

Slice of Lime Green
A colour that I didn’t expect to see this Fashion Week was lime green! The beautiful cool-toned green allows a new zingy pop of colour into your outfits whether it’s through clothes or glasses. There have been sources online predicting that this will be one of the biggest colour trends of the year. We will soon find out!

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