My Four Step Process To Identify Your Ideal Bespoke Eyewear!

Manchester based Optician Daniel Scott styles a client in eyewear at his studio in MediaCityUK, Manchester called The Eyewear Stylist.
As an eyewear stylist, I have seen the world of optics on a whole new level. When my customers start their journey with me, I like to let them know exactly what they will be receiving during this time. This gives them peace of mind and they get an insight into eyewear styling for themselves!

My 4-step process is a fun and educational experience. I’m going to tell you more about it and you will be blown away by how much can fit into just 4 simple steps.

Analysis of Your Skin Tone and Hair Colour

My unique colour analysis is the first step in this experience. It will give you the opportunity to see exactly what colours suit your skin tone, hair colour, and natural facial features the best.

The colour palettes are split into 3 steps:
• Warm or Cool Tones
• Bright or Muted Tones
• Light or Dark Colours

This way we can work together to identify which shades will not only complement you most but also make you feel positive about yourself.

The colour analysis doesn’t have to just be for eyewear, you can take your results away with you and reflect the results into your whole wardrobe, make-up shades, footwear, and more!

Analysis of Your Face Shape and Features

Through my years of experience in the optical and styling industry, I have learnt a thing or two about face shapes and which frames will suit you the most. This is a major step in this process as the frame is everything.

A Browse of Our Unique Bespoke Frame Options

Next, we will move on to selecting the frame material for your new eyewear! Whether you opt for wood, coloured acetate, metal, or acrylic, I can help you create a completely custom pair of frames that you will feel amazing in.

Fitted With Your Prescription Lenses

I can proudly say that I work with some of the top lens manufacturers and suppliers in the world to create bespoke and luxury eyewear for my clients. No matter their eye conditions or preferences, I can help them customise their lenses whatever the situation may be.

If you decide to book in with me, I will open up a whole new world of lens options for you to choose from and ditch the basic high street options for good. Don’t settle for eyewear off the shelf, come see me and I’ll help you find your perfect pair of bespoke luxury glasses!