Incredible Materials You Can Have Glasses Frames Crafted From

Glasses trends and fashions have pluralised massively in the past few decades! The early 20th century brought an explosion of new, exciting eyewear designs as people accessorised their glasses for the first time. Iconic styles like the cat eye shape and dark circular sunglasses were popularised at multiple points during the last 100 years, but towards the end of the century, the innovation in glasses design had begun slowing down and becoming repetitive.

But no longer! New technologies, new materials, and new generations are making their own personal stamp on eyewear design. From voice-activated smart glasses to new geometric designs, the 21st century is certainly delivering its own boom in glasses design! But the most exciting development, for me, is the emergence of awesome new frame materials with unique properties. Below are just a few of these new materials, all of which I am able to source on request at The Eyewear Stylist!

Coffee Beans

Reaching for our trusty glasses and a fresh cup of coffee is the first thing that many of us do to start the day. But now you can do both at once! These incredible frames are beautifully crafted from natural ground coffee beans, which are mixed with binding oils, pressed into hard plates, and machine cut into shape. Every frame is then hand polished for a perfect finish. These luxurious frames exude quality, are created using all natural materials, and offer a truly unique set of gorgeous glasses in a huge range of styles.

Vinyl Records

Were you a 60s rocker or a 70s hippie? Still got your old stash of vinyl records in that box under the stairs? Now you can turn your old favourite tunes into your new favourite eyewear! Vinyl record glasses repurpose old LPs, helping to recycle three tonnes of vinyl per year and preventing it from ending up in landfill. Amongst the many options are some of the rarest glasses in the world, the stunning purple-hued framed crafted from one of Prince’s original Purple Rain vinyl records. Only 120 exist in the entire world, and I have stocked five of them exclusively for customers of The Eyewear Stylist.

Sustainable Woods

If saving the planet is on your mind, you’re not alone! Sustainability is the hot topic of the 21st century, and I believe we should all do what we can to aid environmentally friendly initiatives. This is why I offer my range of bespoke wooden glasses frames, all created from ethically-sourced, sustainably farmed balsa trees.

My sustainable glasses are beautifully crafted from thirteen layers of balsa wood, which was chosen because it grows quickly and without much water. Not only that, but all of the balsa wood is obtained through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that it is all farmed sustainably. You can even choose the hue of wood you want for each individual layer! Sustainable, bespoke glasses don’t get any better than this.

These are just a few of the fantastic and innovative materials you can have your glasses frames created from today, and who knows what exciting new materials and technologies will be available tomorrow? If you’re looking for an eyewear stylist to advise on your new pair of glasses, I can help. Whether you’re looking for glasses for grey hair, anti-glare glasses for filming, or even anti-ageing glasses to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, I’ve got you covered! If you’re looking to buy glasses online, drop me a message today to see what I can do for you.