Inside Scoop: Anti-Ageing Glasses


Do anti-ageing glasses exist? Absolutely! I’m going to explain this genius creation and if they really work.

I discovered anti-ageing glasses when I went to Milan. I love travelling around the world and visiting my fabulous clients. I also love discovering the latest eyewear technology, frames, and lenses!

At a trade show in Milan, I happened to stumble upon a mind-blowing technology, anti-ageing glasses.

You may have several questions whizzing around in your head and I’m going to answer them for you in this article so keep on reading…

What Are Anti Ageing Glasses and Why Would I Need Them?

A relatively new technology, anti-ageing lenses are a special lens that not only protects your eyes cosmetically from wrinkling but also saves your eyes from UV damage. Researchers found that sunscreen is ineffective with this type of ageing, as it does not block near-infrared (NIR), only UV. But anti-ageing glasses provide your eyes with proper protection from these harmful rays.

Are Anti-Ageing Lenses Legit?

Before offering new technologies to my clients, I take my responsibility seriously and research into new technologies thoroughly to ensure that it’s safe and it isn’t a fad. I always want to make sure that my information is from a reliable source and is legit.

When researching, I have to admit, I was so impressed with what I discovered. These revolutionary lenses have been successfully verified by dermatologists in Tokyo at the Women’s Medical University.

It’s decided! They are in fact legit.

Where Can I Buy Anti-Ageing Glasses?

As they are a new find, they aren’t going to be available to every optician just yet. At The Eyewear Stylist, I can source these for you along with several other options as part of my customised service. Depending on your requirements, I can source different lenses and frames whatever the circumstance may be.

How Much Do They Cost?

Considering the benefits, I think these are a pretty reasonable price. Anti-ageing glasses are available from just £350. If you are unsure about your lenses and would like to get a better understanding of what you’re paying for and what you will be wearing, you can ask your optician these several questions:

1. Do my lenses have UV protection?

2. If not, can it be added?

3. Do they have blue light protection?

4. If not, can it be added?

5. Do they have infrared protection?

6. If not, can it be added?

By asking these quick questions, you will gain more knowledge about your customised glasses to help benefit your eye health long term.

If you’d like some more information about anti-ageing glasses, or would like to book an appointment with me, then please reach out today!