Fashionable Glasses Trends in Late 2022

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Autumn and winter's glasses trends have arrived, and I’m loving what’s in store!

The glasses trends for autumn and winter 2022 are of a wide variety and simply wonderful. We are seeing a resurgence of vintage styles with a modern twist, and bright, chunky frames for those who love a pop of colour in their outfits.

I think glasses are more than just a practical accessory, they’re the perfect finishing detail that elevates your look.

Jewel Tones and Earthy Browns

It’s time to pack away the spring pastels and summer neons for 2023, it’s time to choose the trendy jewel-toned shades that are snatching the eyewear crown this autumn.

Be bold and experiment with vibrant hues of blue, yellow, red, green, and purple to express yourself and brighten up these upcoming dull winter months. A truly classy and stunning option to select when searching for your next pair of frames!

If a bright pop of colour isn’t your style but you still like to make a statement, you’ll be thrilled to hear that for neutral frames, black is out and rich, earthy hues like chocolate and caramel, along with natural patterns like tortoiseshell, are in. Ditch those plain black frames and opt for a deep mahogany for a subtler take on this season’s trends!

Curvy Composite Frames

If you aren’t too fond of a simple look, why not look at some uniquely shaped frames? Curvaceous lenses and frames are all the rage, from the classic 60s circular frames (more on that further down!) to the timeless cat eye shape, curvy glasses are making a comeback!

Composite frames – crafted from a mixture of metal and plastic - offer the perfect balance of high strength and light weight, making them a popular choice for frame material as we head towards 2023! Composite glasses bring high-quality, durable frames that offer comfort, longevity, and a well-balanced aesthetic.

Sharp Styles and Geometric Shapes

Alongside the curvy, Art Nouveau-esque frame styles currently surging in popularity, another trend is emerging. Geometric frames of a more Art Deco persuasion, presenting sharp angles and symmetrical lines, are some of the hottest styles this season! Geometric glasses can help to flatteringly highlight and define your facial features, and you will be bang on trend with a unique geometric design.

From my experience in eyewear styling, if you have a more rounded face shape, an angular, geometric design should complement your facial features. But for those with a squarer face, the curvy trends will suit you much better!

The Iconic 60s Round Lenses

The swinging sixties round glasses style is another major trend alert for the ending seasons of 2022.
Well known for being worn by icons in the sixties and seventies, round glasses are bringing back the retro trends to the next generations.

If you enjoy a bold and creative style, then oversized round shapes or colourful frames modernise the traditional design. Alternatively, if you want to opt for a more elegant and classier look, smaller metal frames could be the more suited choice for you! The versatility makes it perfect for anyone, any age or gender. I find that rounded frames help to naturally soften and accentuate your facial features, and with a wide range of materials, styles, and sizes, they are simple to pair with any outfit no matter your aesthetic.

Oversized Frames

This style is back for good. Bold statement frames take inspiration from large, framed sunglasses. I think this eyewear trend blended with other designs such as thicker designs, oblique shapes or vibrant colours, completes the iconic seventies retro vibe and take any outfit to the next level.

It doesn’t matter whether your personality radiates boldness or simplicity, oversized frames are easy to style and go with whatever look suits you best.

Eyewear is all about inclusivity, and aesthetics that will complement your face and elevate your fashion to a whole new level, or you could also consider trying something new which is always fun too!

To find out more about my fabulous and unique range of anti-ageing glasses, please get in touch today!