Hot Sunglasses Trends in 2022

Like the rest of the fashion world, the eyewear space experiences different trends each year which I of course like to keep abreast of. This year we’re seeing some very exciting new styles emerging – and today I’m going to share them with you.

What I find really interesting about some of these trends is that we’re getting people that don't need prescriptions wearing them as a style statement and opting for tailor-made products as opposed to off-the-shelf picks. So even if you don’t currently need to wear glasses or rarely give any thought to which sunglasses you choose to get you through the summer months, dive in and take a look at what’s on trend this year!

Colour POP!

This year I’m seeing a lot more people wearing bolder colours when it comes to frames – bright, vibrant shades and even pastel hues. There’s definitely a lot more colour around in the fashion space in general, with bright rainbow hues replacing the old trend of neutrals – blacks, greys, dark blues etc.

Fashion tints

One thing that’s also becoming really popular is wearing light tints – regardless of whether it’s sunny outside. Often people focus on frames and forget about the lens – especially when it comes to sunglasses - but choosing a coloured lens can really make the whole ensemble pop. You can even wear these inside – and many do, as we see more and more people (prescription and non-prescription alike) wearing glasses and sunglasses as a fashion statement.


Okay – so this one isn’t strictly a trend – but sustainability is high on the style agenda right now, as it is with so many industries and sectors, and hopefully (unlike fleeting fashion preferences), this one will be here to stay!

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