Which Glasses Will Suit My Face?

Dan Scott Eyewear Stylist.png
Being aware of the current eyewear trends is one thing – but knowing which ones will look good on you is quite another. There’s a lot more to choosing a pair of specs that suit you than meets the eye (if you’ll pardon the pun) – beyond boiling it down to face shapes, which is what a lot of online guides will have you do.

Conversely, deciding which trend is right for you involves considering a number of key factors, including:


In order to properly assess which colour glasses frames or tinted lenses are right for you, first you must consider the natural hues that your face presents, like skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour.


Likewise with deciding on the best glasses frame shape for you. To produce the ideal frame shape for your unique face, all aspects of the natural shapes and angles of your face need to be taken in account. Face shape is the obvious one, but also the shape of your hair parting and style, and the composition of your face (eye shape and size, brows, lips and nose)!


Of course, the entire decision can’t come down to assessing your face alone. Your individual, unique style and the intent and purpose of your glasses needs considering also. If you’re getting new everyday glasses that will pair as well with your business suit as with your casual clothes, you’ll need different frames than someone merely looking for weekend fashion sunglasses!

The best starting point for identifying the best style is to ask yourself why you’re wearing them – are the glasses for daily wear, special occasions, or simply a fashion statement to make sure you’re staying on trend?

All of these factors determine the suitability of your spectacles or sunglasses.

The answer to the question of which glasses will suit you really is ever evolving, depending on fluid factors like the occasion, the outfit, and what type of impact and impression you want to make on that particular day. Identifying the ideal style for your eyewear can really finesse your entire look, it completes (or even directs) an outfit or style. It can make a statement, or effortlessly compliment your overall appearance.

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