Frame Colours and Skin Tones

01 colour-analysis.jpeg
Are you searching for the perfect eyewear frame colour? I have written a brief guide on how to choose which eyewear frame colour will complement you the most.

One of the early steps in your journey with me is a colour analysis. I’ve written a previous blog about colour analyses and the science behind it. I section my colours into summer (warm-toned) and winter (cool-toned) to make sure each detail of my eyewear styling appointment is beneficial for you.

Black framed eyewear will suit almost everyone, that’s exactly the reason why it’s such a popular choice but sometimes it can be fun to add a pop of colour to your outfits!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into finding the perfect eyewear frame colour for you.

Winter Colours
Winter colours can also be referred to as cool-toned shades, and are ideal for people with paler skin tones or pink and bluish complexions. Some frame colours that will suit cool-toned complexions would be emeralds, deep purples, bright pinks, and blues. But if you prefer warmer colours, we can absolutely find a summer shade that fits you perfectly! I would personally recommend opting for a cool red or an icy shade of yellow.

Summer Colours
Summer colours are also called warm-toned shades. Perfect for those with hints of peach and yellowish complexions. Some frame colours that will suit warm-toned complexions would be earthy tones, mustard yellow, warm red, and gold. If you want to incorporate some winter colours into your eyewear frames then shades like olive, moss green, and turquoise would still complement the beauty of your skin tone.

Does Eyewear Frame Colour Matter?
The shade of your frames can make a significant difference to your look. When selecting your new glasses, take a moment to not only consider the frame shape but also the colour. Think about what hue will complement your features overall such as your hair colour, eye colour, and of course your skin tone. I have written a previous blog about choosing the perfect frame shape for you, so feel free to take a read!

For more information about my bespoke luxury eyewear, please don’t hesitate to contact me for some professional advice!