The Process Of An Appointment With The Eyewear Stylist

Are you looking for a bespoke eyewear styling guide? Well, look no further because I am here to help! My ultimate mission is to give you the best luxury eyewear styling experience you have ever had and provide bespoke glasses, or sunglasses, that will make you feel incredible!

My 4-step process has been carefully curated to take you on a journey to discover your perfect eyewear! My unique styling sessions last from 60 – 90 minutes and you will receive complimentary drinks and chocolates.

Take a peek below to find out how each step works…

Step 1. Colour Analysis

First, we will work out whether you suit warm or cool, bright or muted, light or dark colours, we can then identify what season you fall into and what colours will best work for you to lift and elevate how you look and feel. This can also be used for your wardrobe picks, not just eyewear! The true science behind this technique is fabulous and a lot of my clients have benefitted from their experience after a colour analysis.

Step 2. Face Shape Analysis

Each face shape is different and can leave you wondering what frame shape will complement your facial structure the most. This second step will allow you to see which shapes and styles of frames will suit you and make you feel great. Through years of experience, I can expertly guide you through which styles will suit your face shape and natural features.

Step 3. Bespoke Eyewear

From wood to acetate, one of my specialities is that I can have custom eyewear made for my clients in whatever material, pattern, or colour they would like. This is all thanks to my travels around the world, visiting eyewear events and making trustworthy contacts with some excellent manufacturers.

Step 4. Bespoke Lenses

I work with some of the top lens companies around the world to specially create a selection of the most intriguing lens options for my clients to tackle any situation that may come their way.
Having some different lens options further than what’s currently available on the high street, including the thinnest lenses in the world, enables me to create top quality and perfect finishes on high prescription lenses and offer optical excellence which exceeds expectations both on a practical and cosmetic level.

Find out more about my bespoke eyewear service by visiting my website, or get in touch to start your eyewear journey today!