Best Women’s Hairstyles for Glasses Wearers

When choosing your new frames, it is common for people to consider how to style their hair and outfits to complement their eyewear. In this article, I am going to give you some insight into some of the best hairstyles that will make your new pair of eyewear pop!

Here’s what I found:

• Long hair with blunt bangs is a chic style, especially with glasses wearers. Blunt bangs help to add versatility to your style and will help bring attention to your glasses.

• A slicked-back pixie cut is a sophisticated option for those with shorter-length hair. It is such a lovely style that will help to embrace your natural facial features and shape which goes hand-in-hand with the bespoke service I offer here at The Eyewear Stylist studio.

• High ponytails are perfect if you want to achieve an effortless look while still looking sophisticated. High ponytails also help bring focus to your natural face shape and allow space for your eyewear to be the focal point of any look.

• Adding curls in your hair will add volume. Bigger and looser curls will give the illusion of a slimmer jawline and allow your glasses to stand out and help frame your face.

What colour frames will complement my hair colour?

As part of my bespoke service, I offer a colour analysis at the beginning of the process. This will help to determine which colours will complement your hair colour, skin tone, and your personal preference.

Black frames suit all hair colours but it is nice to add pops of colour here and there. 

If you have blonde hair, pastel colours such as baby pink, blue, yellow, and so on will complement the golden tones in blonde hair.

If you have brown hair, more bold colours like bright blues, pinks, and greens will complement your hair colour the most.

I have already touched upon this in a previous blog, but grey-haired people will suit a variety of coloured frames like forest green or icy blue would complement grey hair. I would recommend steering away from white and yellow tones as this can make you look more washed out.

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