Eyewear That Matches Your Sneakers?

Sneaker Matching Sunglasses Service from The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester

Everyone loves rocking a well-coordinated outfit on a night out or for a special occasion, but what if you could take it to the next level?

I am so excited to announce one of my new services, eyewear frames that can match your sneakers! I am now offering an exclusive service where you can bring me your favourite pair of sneakers and I can match them to your new pair of frames...how cool!

Why did you choose this specific service?

I chose this service in particular because I know there are lots of sneakerheads out there that look for complementing accessories. I love adding pops of colour to my outfit and wearing bright colours so I figured, why not mix the two together to create something totally unique and special?

This service is the perfect way to express yourself and rock something that is one-of-a-kind.

What materials can I choose?

I offer three different frame materials to choose from for this service, they are:

Total Wood

Total Metal

Wood and Metal Combination

The best thing about these frames is that they are sustainable! Because each pair of frames are made to order, there is zero waste of material.

Bespoke and sustainable? The perfect pairing if you ask me!

Want to learn about the process? Keep on reading...

1. Pick the sneakers that you'd like to get your new frames matched to.

2. If you'd like prescription lenses, remember to bring a copy of your prescription with you.

3. Book your appointment at the Eyewear Styling Studio in Media City with me.

4. Pay your £99 deposit which goes towards the cost of the final frames.

5. Attend your consultation appointment with me where we will decide on the perfect shape, colour match combination, and custom engravings which will be free of charge.

6. Then I will send off your request to our manufacturer in Italy. This will take 6-8 weeks.

7. Have the pair of glasses delivered to your home.

8. Give them a whirl.

9. And snap a photo and don't forget to hashtag #TheEyewearStylist.

For more information about my sneaker glasses matching service, or to enquire about my bespoke eyewear options, then be sure to visit my website or get in touch for a consultation today!