A Pop of Colour: Glasses Colour Trends in 2022

Collette styled in Sunglasses by The Eyewear Stylist in Media City, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Eyewear and sunglass trends in 2022 have been bright, fresh, and colourful! Certain colours in particular are really on trend – hot colours for the start of this year that continue to rise in popularity include different shades of green, from neon lime and lush grass-green to olive tones and pale, heritage hues.

This is where my acrylic range of frames have really come into their own, because they offer such a vibrant colour pop which you can’t really achieve with other materials. Alongside this there’s also the benefit of limitless versatility for you to get really creative and put together a look that’s uniquely yours when it comes to which lens you decide to pair them with – you don’t have to go off-the-shelf, but instead you can choose different kind of tints for your glasses or sunglasses in varying hues depending on your preference and what will suit you best. It pays to be open-minded here – my clients who opt for mirror-green tints on their sunglasses and transitions lenses get so many compliments, so don’t be afraid to be bold and be different!

This trend has a retro feel but screams contemporary, understated minimalism; and it’s versatile, too! You can achieve a totally different vibe depending on your pairing - which metal you choose and the colour tint it’s accompanied with. Thin metal frames in silvers and golds often accompany these light-coloured tints.

Colour Tinted Lenses On The Rise

Alongside bright, colourful glasses frames, tinted fashion lenses are also a hot craze in 2022! This trend actually originated in Italy - and it has a fabulous name (and equally fabulous story) to match. Yes these (quite literally) rose-tinted glasses are colloquially known as a ‘cocktail tint’. The story goes that these lenses initially became popular during summer with Italians leaving work at dusk for drinks outdoors when the sun was still bright enough to require protection, but dim enough to render a full sun factor too dark. The soft, subtle tints take the edge off as at this hour you’ve still got brightness from the sun coming down. It’s only a 20% tint, but with a little colour to soften things like a pale rose, subtle peach, misty green or a gentle blue. No surprises here – it’s characteristically stylish of the Italians to have come up with this trend.

A la flared suits and bright, bold prints in trend right now it’s likely also due to the influence of full-circle trends from the 70s and 90s general in fashion crossing over into the eyewear and sunwear space.

If you’re looking for coloured glasses frames, or are interested in more information about my anti-ageing glasses, get in touch with me, Dan, The Eyewear Stylist, for advice and support!