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I feel so proud that The Eyewear Stylist is considered one of the best Opticians in Manchester. (If my Google Reviews are anything to go by anyway!) I have spent over a decade refining my craft as an Optician and Stylist, before finally setting up The Eyewear Stylist in MediaCityUK (otherwise known as Salford Quays) in Manchester in 2021 during the pandemic.

It might be easy to find a high street Opticians in Manchester, but I've always felt that there's been a real desire in the Manchester community for an Opticians that actually gives expert style advice and offers something different (whilst not being in it for the sale!)
In the past I've always been quite dubious about Opticians that label themselves as "Styling Opticians", as I wonder, well, what makes them an expert in style? It's one thing to be an expert in Optics, of course, but a lot of the advice on style that I've found has tended to be quite opinion based, and with opinions amongst people being so varied, especially when it comes to style, I really wanted to create a place where you feel you can trust the advice given to you on style, as it's lead by expertise and science, rather than being too overly opinion based.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that fashion is a science! However, there's a reason I trained as a Personal Stylist in London... To gain that extra level of expertise, so that you can trust my advice on this. You learn that different cuts of clothes tend to compliment different body shapes, and what's so interesting is that the same goes for eyewear. Different face shapes, nose bridges and head sizes tend to suit different shapes and styles of eyewear, which will complement them more.
Dan The Eyewear Stylist wears Purple Glasses here.
Wooden Glasses and Sustainable Eyewear made from ethically sourced wood at The Eyewear Stylist in Manchester
My point is if you're looking for an Opticians in Manchester that can advise you on style, which is steeped in expertise rather than being more opinion based, then I really feel that you'll love your experience at The Eyewear Stylist studio, which is based right next door to the BBC, ITV and amongst all of the exciting TV Production companies based here in MediaCityUK.

At The Eyewear Stylist, my reputation RELIES on you looking and feeling amazing in your eyewear. I will not let you leave the studio with glasses that you do not love, or feel yourself in. You are my walking reputation!

I also want you to love the whole experience of selecting eyewear, I don't want you to have that mindset of "do I NEED glasses...?" I want you to actually be excited about your visit! So that's why I've made the process as fun and enjoyable as possible...

I am very proud to be a Manchester based Optician, and so do everything I can to support other independent businesses in Manchester and the surrounding locality.

I know there's a bit of a thing with Salford and Manchester feeling there's a bit of a divide, but for me, I really want to pull the communities together. So I stock local beer in my beer fridge in the studio from Seven Brothers brewery in Salford. It's delicious!

I have a terrarium in the studio from Manchester based business The Urban Botanist. I have kombucha available from Altrincham based Hip-Pop.

If you can think of any Manchester based chocolate companies too let me know, as my downfall currently is that I have Ferrero Rochers, which my clients love, but I'm still on the lookout for more ways I can support local businesses in Manchester who are also passionate about what they do.

Oh and I just thought of another thing, I have a limited edition print of local rap artist Dubzy on one wall, and a big painting of Liam Gallagher on the other wall in the studio too (which is slightly risky when I know he's a Manchester City fan and you can pretty much see Manchester United's stadium from the windows of the studio!  But come on, Oasis, what a band!)
My point is, I'm proud to be Manchester based. I've lived here for over 8 years now, and what I love about living here is the community. We band together when times are tough, and celebrate together when times are good.

So if you also love supporting local businesses in Manchester and the Greater Manchester region, do give me a shout! Whether that's for non-prescription sunglasses, so you don't get stuck looking confused messing around in the airport sunglass shop having no clue! Or once you've had your sight test, simply bring along your prescription and we'll get you styled in eyewear you love in a relaxed atmosphere, with expert advice, a good laugh and some great beer! (Prosecco and local coffee also available...!)

See you soon!

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